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What do our workshops include?


Lectures and advanced practice workshops.


Training, practices and student support material.


Certification Diploma issued by Vester Training.

Specialized training tailored to your needs

All our courses have practices and real cases simulations, which are solved in real time by our instructors, who have years of experience in the world of industrial automation.

Workshop: OPC & OPC UA Technology

The course aims to understand in depth the industrial automation field and OPC and OPC + UA Technology by analyzing the key points of both.

Workshop: Industrial Protocols

You will learn the funcionality and workings of the most used Communication Protocols in the industry, as well as the configuration of secure networks in their different types.

Workshop: Standard Application for SCADA

Course compounded of explanations, PowerPoint presentations, and practical exercises. With the SCADA workshop you will learn the best methodology to define, size and design your SCADA system according to the requirements of your project.

Workshop: Cyber-Security (Industrial Environments)

With this workshop you will learn the most important aspects of the cybersecurity in an industrial environments and critical infrastructures, and the basic ways to protect them against attacks.

Workshop: IoT Training Workshop (Industry)

This training will provide the necessary knowledge so the participant can start to use, design and implement IoT solutions for the industry. SWN (Sensor Wireless Networks), WLAN and WPLAN (Wireless LAN and Personal LAN) and Cloud Computing Services

Do you need specific training for your team?

We also provide private workshops for companies and work teams, combining and customizing the content, so your company can have a specific, updated training of authentic quality.

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We will be happy to to assist you on our training offer for professionals, request more information from any of our coordinators in your geographical area.


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